Thursday, May 16, 2013


smelling the fresh spring rain that fell this morning.

listening to the 2 groups of littles. One coloring at the table talking about their drawings, the other playing by the mirror & talking about their faces.

tasting leftover coffee I warmed up this morning-not my favorite & homemade pumpkin bread for morning snack.

looking forward to a mini-girl's night out on Saturday to the Neal McCoy concert.

counting down the days until Memorial weekend. 4 days away from home+work+all other commitments-yesplease!

craving campfire food, sunshine & the sound of the water lapping on the shoreline.

loving that I am still in a scrapping mood.

enjoying gently figuring out a balance for all of my different 'hats'.

planning out our summer schedule.

updating the calendar on my phone w/all of our lake weekends vs all of the other activities-so far there are no conflicts.

wishing I made more time to quietly play with my camera.

reading The Spirit, an original book written by a friend.  I am loving it, excited for her, & thrilled to be one of the first to read it.

watching a lot of season finales this month.

show me your currently list.
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