Friday, May 17, 2013


Have you ever been somewhere & wished you had a file or photo from your computer handy?  With laptops becoming smaller, & Kindle, Ipad, etc becoming more accessible, that is much more of a possibility.  I however, don't have a laptop I am comfortable toting around, nor do I currently own any of the other possibilities, I do, however, love the capacity of my smart phone.  But as the phone becomes less of a form of emergency contact & more an appendage, life line, pocket computer, etc,  I found the need to access files on it that were also on my computer, welcome, dropbox

Now, with dropbox, I can perform Scrap Pink 'work' over the weekend, without firing up the laptop,
or access phone pics from my computer, & (the final push to find such a program) read a friend's original book, that was emailed as an attachment, on my phone!  This my friends, is almost earth shattering, ground breaking excitement for me! I love the freedom to access files stored or created on my computer from my phone & vise versa!

I do have to put them in the program folder for them to be accessible, but a little bit of pre-planning goes a long way in this instance.  Putting them in the program folder doesn't change their format or alter the file in any way. So far, in my dropbox are all my Scrap Pink files, all phone pics & the email attachment book. all are items I like to be able to access from either device.

Part of me despises feeling the need to be forever tethered to electronics, to be a simple phone call, text or facebook post away, longs for a simpler time even, but change & adjust with the times we must. Finding a healthy balance for ourselves is the key, whatever is comfortable for  you and your family.

Where do you sit on this type of issue?

(all opinions are my own-I have not been contacted  by nor am I employed by or  receiving any type of benefit from dropbox)
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