Monday, May 20, 2013

Whirly Pop

I have no idea how I survived with out this beauty in my kitchen!  I love popcorn, the kids love popcorn and after reading lots of articles about the chems in microwave popcorn I started buying & popping corn in a pan on the stove.  almost always burnt at least have the batch every time.  So when I started pining over this beauty I thought it was way out of my price range so expected it to simply be a dream.  Imagine my surprise when I happened upon it in the kitchen store in the MALL-of all places- and in my price range to boot!  Kismet, I tell ya! So for $19.99 plus tax, I was able to bring one home complete with a popcorn 'kit' inside.  a swish & swipe w/a little dab of soap to get the factory & packing dust off & we were in business! popcorn for snack. OH the house smelled so great, they ate an entire pan-full the first day!  a couple of days later they ate another pan-full! Super easy, healthy (since I don't use additives-just a tiny bit of EVOO to start the popping, a bit of butter melted over top & some salt to taste), fun snack to eat! win-win-win in my book!! 
My only complaint, is that its not recommended to be washed in the dishwasher.  :( SUPER BOO!! I usually don't buy anything that can't be, so I will probably try it as the lid with all of its hinged parts is harboring some of that 'oil' from the original kit even tho I have washed it twice. ICK.
(all opinions are entirely my own, I am not benefiting in any way from the Whirly Pop company)
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