Tuesday, May 21, 2013

please follow directions

follow directions. please follow directions. 

I find myself saying this 1000x a week w/my littles & even a few times w/the bigs.  It makes me wonder if they hear my voice at all.  It also makes me wonder if I am talking too much which makes them block me out.  It makes me wonder if I am directing them too much, maybe I shouldn't be telling them every single step of the way, maybe I should be letting them figure some things out for themselves.  Maybe I need to release some perfectionism, control, & chill a bit. 

Summer is coming! That leads us to less schedules, more free time, less hurry up & wait, more waiting until they are ready, less following directions, more winging our days. I.Cannot.Wait! Some people get more uptight in the summer with more munchkins to care for, but I get more relaxed. I really look forward to summer as a vacation from our school time routine & schedule which we have little control over vs the summer one that we are able to control ourselves.

ok, that's enough rambling I think.  How do you feel about following directions? are you one that follows along or do you  buck the trend & make your own rules?

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