Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a late one.

What a busy day! We got to go see Toy Story 3 @ the local theater @ a special viewing. Great movie!! I can't wait to get it so I can see the end b/c I as in the bathroom w/8 kids that swore they 'couldn't hold it any longer' so actually, none of them know how it ends LOL  Then we went home to run in teh sprinkler while I prepped a fun lunch.  A wonderful busy day! Then 3 left early!!!  I had an interview for a family to start this fall that I will have to think about.  Oh yea & we had a 118 heat index too. hoping some of these storms roll thru tonight & cool us off! we will need outside time tomorrow!! :)

For supper we enjoyed some Iowa grown Peaches & Cream sweet corn from the local Farmer's Market. YUMMMM w/homemade mac n cheese & cheesy hotdogs. not entirely healthy but quick & yummy.  Then I had a chiro appt. WOW! I mentioned I was running & that I thought I was throwing a leg out & sure enough, that hip was out, also the same foot the PF was threatening again! hmmmm connection?? my back was out in 3 places & my neck was also out both directions!! EEK!!!

Then I cam home & I did my w3d1 work out on the treadmill in the a/c due to that heat index.  I am so proud to report that I DID IT!!! I DID THE WHOLE THING!! I AM NOT A RUNNER BUT I LOVED IT!!!  w3= 5 minute warm up walk followed by 90 sec run, 90 sec walk, 3MIN run, 3 min walk, repeat then follow w/a 5 min cool down walk. I managed 1.35 mile in 25 minutes.

After cooling down from that Gus wasn't settling so I took him for a short walk to the garden &  back. Sam layed on the guilt trip waiting on us on his chain when we got back so I dropped Gus off, took Sam.  I intended to just walk our normal .5 mile route but sprinted from home to the corner (1/2 block) then walked a bit, then did antother short sprint, then walked a ways, & another short sprint, & walked the last of it home.  I can't believe *I* am sprinting! *I* am not a runner! :) Guess what?! I think I am!!

I am pretty confident we will all sleep well tonight, hoping for all night long!!!  I think I need to find some protein snacks to follow up my work outs w/.  Any suggestions??
Thanks for reading!
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