Tuesday, July 20, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

  1. I have no good reason for skipping the recent blog posts
  2. didn't even realize I had until I logged in to confess
  3. I have been rewarding myself w/sweets almost daily
  4. they are small treats; 1/2 lil debbie, skinny cow fudge bar, small square of homemade squash bar, etc
  5. I was craving them over the weekend realllllllllllllllllllllllllly bad but I didn't give in
  6. I loved the freezer jam class on Saturday so much I can't wait to open them & devour them :)
  7. Laughing cow cheese- addicted!!! holy yumminess!!! AND I can get by w/less than the whole wedge per setting! YAY!
  8. Milk has never tasted so good! some days I drink 3 big glasses! eek overkill
  9. I am way behind on planning my Sept Crop -totally not Shrink related but still a confession ;)
what do you have to confess??
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