Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo 5 on Friday

Saturday I volunteered for the Iowa Food Coop during Osceola's Spring Fling event.

All week, we've had construction vehicles across the street at the neighbors' so this is how they've spent the majority of their mornings.

Sunday, I picked up fresh chickens, so one went right into the crockpot on Monday. Tuesday, this was the stock I drained out, YUMMMM! Wednesday's had less of a fat cap so its in the freezer.

Tuesday evening I jammed my toe on the dog gate in the hall. Reminded me why I always wear shoes. 

We upgraded Kora to a nice cone since she seems to need one at the constant right now.  hopefully now that we own a nice one, Murphy will take over & we won't need it again.  It does fit both dogs though, so that should take care of both via Murphy. 

How was your week? 

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