Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday (scrapbooking)

Scrapbooking is a great combo of record keeping, lesson learning & being crafty to me.  I have 2 pages to share today that some scrappers might not have deemed scrap-able for their books, but in mine, they were important to get on paper and I am so thankful to have had the presence of mind to get photos.  The 5 lessons I gathered from the photos, the events around the photos and getting them scrapped are kind of a surprise to me, 

The first page is about the day that I prepped corn for freezing for the first time with my grandma. I am much more comfortable doing something the first time, with an experienced leader in the kitchen & Grandma is that.  Grandpa picked us up some big bags of corn on the cob from a friend that frequents the nearby Amish produce auction, I wish I could remember how many dozen came in the bag & how many bags we did.  I know I had corn in my freezer for over a year!  Not only was I rewarded with the corn but the bonding experience & stories I heard while spending this day with Grandma, were absolutely priceless. I am so glad I got photos of the day, so I could put it in my scrapbook forever.  I used some really old supplies on this one that a few years ago I would never have put on it, daisies on a page about corn? Those paper dolls don't resemble us at all, they can't go there.  But the blue & yellow combo was perfect for the corn pictures, so I just made myself do it & I love the results! 
So the 2 lessons I learned in this page were; (1) to be mindful of getting photos of 'uneventful' events along with the eventful ones, I never know what I might want to document later or have a terrific story to accompany them. (2) figure out a color scheme & try anything that coordinates even if it IS flowers for a corn page.  

The second one today is going to be it's accompanying page, conveniently also about produce from the same year. To me, that made sense to put them in the book together even though they happened months apart. This is a couple of phone pics that I snapped to share on Facebook and with my mom as I was baffled by what I was going to do with all of these tomatoes in varying stages of ripening yet, picked all at once. This is how I spent one morning before our first serious frost threat of the fall.  I learned how to let go of the perfectionism of following a recipe to can every time & just canned some stewed tomatoes to get these all processed before they spoiled.  I let go of some perfectionism while creating the page as well.  Nothing matches perfectly like I prefer to have, but it all coordinated close enough to work to tell the story of this harvest.  

So, the lessons I took from this were: (3) print the phone pictures along with the ones from the big camera. I might be surprised what will seem important later.  (4) lessons of life are important to document, it lets us point out, remember & teach others that we are human & how we overcame some imperfection.  (5) not every page needs to be a masterpiece (thank goodness!!) to be meaningful, I need to quit fighting them so much :) 

Where were you surprised to find life lessons this week? Do you find lessons in surprising places? I seem to find them when I am not looking for them. Have a great weekend!!!

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