Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2012 wedding (scrap pages)

Scrapping wedding photos has always been touchy for me.  Will I be able to do them justice, will I ruin one getting it ready, will I regret gluing them down? With the digital age, I am totally getting over all but the first one.  I guess with the streak I have been on lately, I am pretty much even getting over the first one too.  Another photo heavy post ahead!

This page totally fell together with the 'leftovers' from the other pages.  I loooooooved this photo from their photographer but didn't get it worked in anywhere else, I knew I wanted to use their wedding ceremony programs and there was this extra napkin. They all looked great on that black dictionary type paper and there was that strip of camo fabric laying on my desk from Tim's Christmas gift 2013 that went perfect with their theme so the opening page was created last but its one of my faves!

The rehearsal night, not a lot to document but document I did.  the photo of the couple & minister flips up to reveal a photo of the shredded beef we served with the journaling the photo and the details of the rehearsal evening attached to the page.

I had a LOT of prep photos as I had been invited to hang out with them for the morning, but I narrowed it down to these 6 to make a giant collage for the page.  I love the outcome. 

some more pre-ceremony pics I took & scrapped before I thought to print some from the photographer's disc.

 Photographer's photos on the left, mine on the right. I needed to scrap each of these but they didn't all need their own page, so frustrated at the end of a session I threw them in a pile on that dark brown paper. The next session, I found them all there & really liked them all together on it & a page was created.

Photographer's photos.  I shared a progress photo of this page a few posts back.  I am still extremely proud of this one. 

 Photographer's photos. I created the collage in the middle in Picasa.

 Photographer's photos of the Ceremony.
 Photographer's photos.  Family photos with lots of decorating.

 My photos on the left, Photographer's photo on the right.
These photos are the same page, one is with the flip flap in the close position the other is with it open. (click to enlarge)

Photographer's photos, another collage created in Picasa.

  My photos. My second fave page of this chapter! 

  Photographer's photos as the wedding party entered the reception hall.  They have an amazing group of friends that step up when they are needed & offer the shirts off their backs. Absolutely heartwarming to witness this group of 'kids' become adults. 

 my photos.  Their first dance as husband & wife & their last dance of the evening.
The page on the left is glittered paper *gasp* I can't say I never use glitter now, but most of it is covered, holding it together. the one of the right is another fave! the background paper, the acrylic overlay w/the bead stickers on top. super simple, yet elegant.

And that my friends, is my little brother's wedding chapter.  After that, I completed a Labor Day Weekend chapter but not sure I will share all of them or if I will just highlight my faves.  What do you think? want to see all 6-10 pages or just a couple? None of them are photographed at this point so whatever you want will be done.  :)
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