Monday, May 18, 2015

comedy of errors

Every have one of those days that nothing seems to go right? Saturday was that day for my husband, Tim.  I can chuckle because it was all of our own making & things I didn't stress over but each one added a new level of tension for him..

It started when he called me that he needed the tire & jack brought to him from the driveway, so I loaded up & headed out.
First, he had blown out a front tire on the work car while heading home on the interstate, luckily he limped it to the next exit 2 miles down, so he wasn't changing in on the side of the road! He had the wrong size tires on the front-the other size was recently changed because wires were showing, there was front end work needed & now this. hopefully they will all be the right size from now on!

Then when we got home, he read the letter from the city warning us to mow the other property or pay a fine an obnoxious hourly rate for them to hire it done. He had been putting it off trying to decide how to fix the mower we own for that property.

THEN, after whining that I was making him attend a graduation reception & finally getting on the road 30 minutes later than HE had appointed our schedule, he missed the exit on the interstate having to go another 4 miles to get turned around.  I am not sure how he missed it other than he drives by it twice a day 6 days a week & its not a normal turn for him to make & I am sure he was distracted thinking about getting the mowing done.  

So, that was our Saturday's comedy of errors of sorts.
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