Friday, February 27, 2015

currently: February

What a difference a year makes!!
2014  vs 2015

planning what shows (Hairball, Home Free!!!, Big Smo-for Tim, & maybe Here Come The Mummies) I hope to catch on the free stage at the Iowa State Fair in August, dreaming of the scorching heat we usually have that time of year on this -7 degree day! 
going to have lunch out tomorrow w/Bethany & the kids, after a quick trip to the city, way excited for both. 
thankful a husband that enjoys cooking.

watching so very much DVR these days.  Suits, The Blacklist, Grey's Anatomy, all 3 of the NCIS shows, The Mentalist (I think it just finished), The Good Wife, The Bachelor (hey, he's from Iowa, I couldn't pass it up!), Perception, Person of Interest, Elementary, maybe this should have been a whole other post..
reading  nothing at the moment & missing it. 
celebrating my big 4-0 quietly on my actual birthday to be followed with a surprise party on Sunday, they really, really got me.

loving having individual servings of homemade soups in the freezer -defrost overnight, slide in oven w/the kids' lunch prep & hot soup for me.--I need to repeat this one NOW! 
eating homemade bread from the bread machine every week.
enjoying the afternoons of sunshine we have been blessed with lately.--again! 
wearing the same 5 outfits every week, boring but childcare is not a fashion show. .

collecting completed scrapbook pages in my closet to put into albums next month.
working up to running on our early morning walks.--oops, need to start those walks again, soon!
walking -I miss it but not the early mornings. 
trying keep the kids from climbing the walls with the roller coaster temps we've had.. 30s one week, zero the next.
feeling positive about my future.

what's happening in your world, currently? 

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