Monday, December 1, 2014

Freezing produce #4: bananas & applesauce

While I am doing childcare and on the USDA food program (monthly 'reimbursement' check for feeding balanced meals by their guidelines & turning in completed paperwork) I have to freeze to preserve anything I plan to feed the children later.  No Home Canned items --boo! as I have more cupboard space than freezer space but I do what I can. 

This year, I have frozen produce such as; pumpkin, green beans, zucchini, stewed tomatoes, bananas, pear butter, & applesauce.

Bananas are probably the absolute easiest thing I freeze but if you don't know how, you just don't know how.  I know I had to be told that those brown bananas on the counter did NOT have to be used today, they could be peeled, & frozen for later baking. That pretty much rocked my banana bread loving mind. I never ever turn down a discounted bag of bananas at the store! even if they are so far gone they must be peeled & frozen immediately, as long as they aren't split at the store, I will take them.  I used to freeze them in baggies for space saving, but you know, now its 3 bananas to a pint jar, a piece of tape on the outside & into the freezer they go!

Applesauce. oh yummm! this one makes the house smell good the whole day before they reach the freezer.  I do the uber easy (lazy) way & just cut the apples off the core, then pile it all into a crock pot, add a cup of water & a couple of cinnamon sticks & let 'er rip. I cook it on low until the scent of cinnamon has taken over the house & then I test the apples w/a fork, when they are good & soft, I run them a cup at a time through a food processor or blender or use my stick blender right in the crockpot. Be careful to remember that those apples are HOT!  I then jar them up in various sized & shaped containers, label & chill in the fridge overnight. They find their way into the freezer on the following day.  So very good! & healthy, no sugar added.  

There you have it... the produce I have frozen for 2014. 

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