Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

  1. What is the highlight of your Thanksgiving weekend? Family, for me. I love that both of our moms work it to get the dinners on Thursday. so we work it so that we can do both & see everyone in one day. a peek at 2009
  2.  Do you get the whole 4 days off or do you have to work through it? A few years ago, I started taking Friday off instead of detoxing everyone for one day just to do it again on Monday. Plus, by this time, I am in need of a good long relaxing weekend.  Last year, we upped the ante so to speak & started getting away for the long weekend. We rented a cabin about an hour away & loved being away from the chaos of the 'big shopping weekend'. (part 1 & 2)
  3. Do you have any long standing traditions? I love to listen to & watch the parade on tv while I am getting ready to go to dinner.  This year, I may have to take over the tv after or during brunch to continue this tradition. 
  4. Do you have any favorite dishes that with out them, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving? I don't. I just love it all. Turkey, ham balls, ham, scalloped corn, (the top layer of) stuffing, PIE, coffee, rolls, mashed or scalloped potatoes, veggie tray, fluffy salad, I am good with it all.  This year we are having a Thanksgiving day brunch at Tim's Mom's & I am so curious to see what everyone brings & how they work traditional dishes into a brunch.  I am taking a creamy fruit salad.
  5. Do you shop or avoid the crowds?  I tried black Friday shopping ONCE. Never again. it was so incredibly not worth it! Cyber Saturday, shop small Saturday, those are way more my speed! Although, this year, I think almost everyone is getting Iowa Food Coop & Farmer's Market products. 2008
  6. Do you do your Christmas decorating? I used to only to my Christmas decorating on this weekend, it usually took me all weekend but my Monday morning start of business, the totes were back in the cubby. Now, I have gotten so super relaxed about decorating, we haven't even done the big tree in the past few years... when I did do it, I sparingly hung ornaments dreading the work of un-decorating it in a short few weeks.  So, to answer my own question, decorating will be done next week. 
  7. What do you do with the leftovers? Can you tell I am excited about the food this year? ;) Do you do anything special with the leftovers? We usually only bring home what we took plus single servings of specific dishes then just have them as meals later in the weekend.  Some people go to great lengths to make the leftovers into new exciting dishes, not us. 
  8. What do you change from year to year?   This weekend has also been the time I took to address & stuff Christmas cards, start baking, & deep clean before decorating.  This year, since we will be away, I plan to do none of those. I will be assembling my December Daily book and other scrapping pages, I also plan to re-read Love Always, Kate as well as possibly start a new Debbie Macomber book a friend picked up for me. Yes, lots of good rejuvenating things for my soul but very little for the home. 
I wish all of you a joy-filled Thanksgiving weekend however you celebrate.  
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