Friday, November 28, 2008

recovery day :)

I think I came across a new favorite tradition!! spending 'black friday' recovering :)

Yesterday was a FAB-O day!!! up @6 to raise the rolls, up @7:30 to potty Gus, up @10 to bake the rolls, shower & get card making things around.

@ the community center 11:45ish ...
not near as many photos taken as I had hoped but I got a few goodies! and speaking of goodies!!! YUMMMMMM

@ first glance I see the kids' table.. then looking deeper I realize I did a good job of getting a great group shot! YAY ME :)

the kids (term used loosely as they are all teens now *sigh*) played several games thru the day.. Uno Attack, Rumikub, along w/digging into the toy box meant for the preteens LOL magna doodles, coloring books/markers, slinky, etc.

after we ate Tim came home to nap & I stayed & made cards w/the girls. on his way to his mom's he picked me up & we went to visit while Supper finished up. some what of a group effort to get it ready. here's Aunt Sharon & Todd pouring the broth off for gravy making YUMMMM

awe & the newest family member even made an appearance.. Levi Michael.. oh so sweet & not yet a month old.
sad fact that my battery went dead while there so I have no photos of the GOOD TIMES we had @ Dale's after this dinner. :(
too much food, too much wine, meant I had nothing more important on my list today than recovery!! LOVED IT!! didn't leave the house until 5ish tonight to go to a gun show in Dm for Tim. on the way we stopped for supper @ the Roadhouse in Bevington YUMMMMM then decided to skip the gun show & just hit Home Depot for a few things. while there Tim decided he had finally lucked out & ended up w/the flu the kids have been passing around for 2 weeks :( so home we went, skipping my gathering of classmates @ the local winery I was so pumped about hanging out @ :( such is life right? so I came in, changed into some snugglies (swishy pants & tshirt), unpacked my card making supplies from yesterday, & put away the lake pics I've been scrapping for months. want to work on my december daily book but thinking I'll just skip it again this year :( since then I've had my tv on a CSI marathon that has now switched to criminal minds YAY as well as catching up on my blog list .. wow I am shocked @ & loving all of the entries on the holiday!!
thanks for letting me share MY holiday happenings.
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