Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scrap Space

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we headed out of town. Traded the busy hub-bub of town for a quiet, star filled time at the cabin again.  I had packed more than enough -as always- supplies to keep me busy for the weekend.  I took my December Daily to put together but ended up doing very little of that, just couldn't imagine having it all decorated & then needing to try to move something to fit a page together... anyway, so I did a bit of that on Thursday evening when we settled in.  Friday evening, I scrapped on a party bus trip we took that I 'finished', on Saturday late afternoon. When I went to unpack on Sunday at home, I got back into it & decided to really finish those 6 pages, so they could go in the closet & that is exactly where they landed at 4pm on Sunday.  Now, on to one of the weddings for that summer. (we had 3)

Anyway... here's a shot of my weekend work space:

After this weekend it is confirmed I will never wish for a bench to sit on to scrap, but it was a perfectly acceptable space for the weekend.  We even got to experiment with me scrapping in the same room as he watches t.v. which is what I am envisioning for our next home. We didn't do too bad for being way closer together than I imagine in a house. 

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