Friday, September 5, 2014

5 on Friday: Iowa State Fair edition

Tim & I often joke about how we eat our way through the Iowa State Fair. this year was different. We didn't really eat that much but I did take lots of pictures of food stands.
  1. Southern Style Nachos. YUMMMM homemade potato chips, nacho cheese (even if it was out of a can), shredded smoked pork & BBQ sauce (again, even if it was store bought). This was a first for us, recommended as back up plan if the line to the hot beef sundae was too long for us-it was, now I am thankful. 
  2. American Gothic statue. Somehow I managed to cruise right on by this bad boy on our first Saturday at the fair. Place in the middle of one of the main drags that I know we walked on both directions. Way more impressive than I expected it to be. 
  3. The big Pepsi clock.  It was always a 'center point' for us growing up. We were taught (?or maybe just learned on our own) how to remember the location of almost everything in relation to this clock. I love that its still there, still works & still in great condition.
  4. The flags lining the top of the Grandstand.  I don't remember them there as a child but I do remember that when someone was lost or missing their meeting time, there was an announcement, "would John Doe please meet your party at the Hall of Law located at the West end of the Grandstand" & on the repeat of it (they always said it twice) my brothers & I would repeat it with the announcer. Oh the funny things we did as kids & then remember as adults.... 
  5. The food stands. I haven't tried but I imagine I could find the exact number of food stands located on the fairgrounds & I bet the number would boggle my mind even though I know there is A LOT. 

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