Friday, September 26, 2014

5 on Friday: September 2014 edition

This month, Mom & I went to the last of our local outdoor concerts which happened to be Trick Pony & they were AWESOME!!! So much energy, they ALL looked like they were up there having fun instead of just getting a pay check. I thoroughly enjoyed them. 

with out many overnights at the lake this summer, I was missing the bonfire portion of it so we started having small camp fires in the back yard & I love that they are small enough that if I only sit there for a couple of hours, I don't feel guilty. 

 I got to participate in helping to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this terrific couple, my only remaining grandparents. Love Love Love them!

A couple of weeks ago, Mom & I were heading to a crop so I checked out the map of the new freedom rocks being painted in Iowa & found one semi-close to our destination & routed ourselves that way.  This is the 2nd one I have seen & am hooked! I plan to make a mini album of photos of them as we visit them. 

I love the Farmer's Markets in every single season but fall is super fun as the temps are super comfy, the produce switches gears, & I have made friends with new vendors by now. 

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