Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Currently: August

Getting: acquainted with 2 new littles.
Realizing: how much more time its taking me this year to regain my bearings once school is underway.  I am blaming age...
Spending: every Monday evening with my grandparents is the most rewarding time I have right now.
Missing: my brother this week at odd times. excrutiating hurt like I haven't felt in a year. the kind that brings tears at the drop of a hat, without warning & for no apparent reason.
Reading: Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor series. 
Reorganizing: my scrap table soon. Since I finished that summer chapter, its time to move it off the workspace & replace it with something different.
Loving: that I have worked scrap time into my evenings this summer. Its not often a priority in the warmer months when there is so much to do outside. 
Staying: on track with a cleaning schedule for a month is amazing for me.  Usually I just 'hit a lick at a snake' when the feeling (or need) arises, but lately I have been cleaning the childcare on Friday afternoons & then the upstairs on Sundays. Its working for now.
Using: the heck out of the Iowa Food Coop products available right now.
Taking: time to read or scrap this summer is truly saving my sanity.
Deciding: on various Scrap Pink details. 
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