Friday, May 2, 2014

Pin it & Do it #8

Swedish Meatballs   pure yumminess! I use my 'regular' meatball recipe & use this sauce. Tim AND the kids like it too. Win!!

Boil eggs in the oven   I have done 3-4 dozen like this now & had no complaints until the last back, for some reason the inner skin of the shell didn't peel off w/the shell so I had to spend extra time rubbing it off. Nothing major but inconvenient. Boiling some in water -you know, the old fashioned way-from the same dozen eggs now so we will see if they are with or without the inner skin issue.  

Infant report sheet   Starting a new infant in care this week I needed a report card to send home daily.  I lost the old one I used to use on an old computer so Pinterest to the rescue! I saved this file, opened it in Picasa, leveled, cropped & printed them 4 to a sheet. FANTASTIC WIN!!! 
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