Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Currently: May

planning our 'summer kick off' weekend, in just 2 weeks, doesn't seem much like summer yet..
going to get myself in sync with the newest itty bitty before summer hits in full swing.

watching the sunrise during the week, whether on my morning walk or from my computer chair.
reading  blogs on my phone, not near as rewarding as reading them on the computer.
celebrating  the school year is coming to a close (YAY!!)
thankful that I was able to spend the day w/Mom on Saturday. An early Mother's Day for her, we hit 2 high school plant sales, the big city farmer's market & she tagged along for me to hit 2 running shoe departments.
loving the hum of the sump pump after this last few days of overwhelming rain.
eating  my self crazy through the Iowa Food Coop shopping list-still.
enjoying working on Scrap Pink again. another worthy family in need of assistance.-still.
wearing new running shoes, was really hoping they just needed time for my feet to adjust but it was too much pain. so the super cute hot pink & teal Brooks must return to Scheel's. so sad

walking several early mornings each week.
trying .to eat cleaner, more fruits & veggies, less carbs

feeling cozy with this fabulous new s'mug & cuppow lid for my pint jar/ice coffee glass

planted these beauties on Mother's Day. the left is a tiered hanger that was here when we moved in, I usually try but rarely succeed in keeping plants alive in them. wish me luck. the middle is a really cool hanging basket I have had a couple of years that I put 3 varieties of Wandering Jew plants in love the green & purple they are & if they survive the summer, I can move them inside for the winter as they are originally house plants but like them on my deck. The right is a jade plant. I have been wanting one ever since I saw Elise doing fun stuff with them from her back yard. Ta-da! It jumped in my arms at one of the plant sales we attended on Saturday.  It is also a house plant but will live on the deck for the summer. luckily there are a ton of pins for their care, propagating & such too. 

How is your May going?
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