Friday, April 18, 2014

Currently: April

Since I kind of skipped the March post, I am doing April's early-or had planned to & didn't get it finished to post early.

planning on a scrapping day with Mom for her birthday - yea, it was last Saturday & so much fun.
going outside every day last week morning & afternoon!
thankful that I scrap. I was able to pull out the 2010 scrapbooks (as much as are done anyway) to share with the current childcare kids while a set of siblings was visiting us last week. It showed how some of my currents were little tiny while these visitors were bigger during that time & that they did play together even if they don't remember each other very well.

watching my normal shows, almost always on DVR. getting excited about some of my summer shows I didn't realize I missed in the winter until I saw previews for them.
reading  Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife its like a window into that type of life & realize how very close to that line I was living back (what feels like 100) years ago. good read.
celebrating every day that all the littles nap at the same time. even if its 30 minutes of silence, I treasure it knowing that the school year is coming to a close (YAY!!) & that quiet time definition is about to change.

loving the sun shining almost every day again
eating  my self crazy through the Iowa Food Coop shopping list
enjoying working on Scrap Pink again. another worthy family in need of assistance.
wearing lots of tshirts that have been buried in my drawer since the warmer days of fall, even if I have to wear a sweatshirt over them for part of the day. Totally worth it.
working up to running on our early morning walks-still.
walking several early mornings each week.
trying .to eat cleaner, more fruits & veggies, less processed foods
feeling almost ambushed by the other half on the food front. we have very opposite opinions on the quality of food effects on the quality of life. *sigh*

the other morning, the neighborhood dogs were all going crazy & the boys could hear motor sounds so we took a walk to find them.  Luckily, they were right around on the other side of the block so we sat & watched them trim up 2 trees running everything through the chipper. 
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