Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

after buzzing through some thankful posts today I am feeling an urgency to do my own.

  • I am thankful for a warm home w/running water (not frozen pipes) as we were dumped on again by a great amount of snow the other night.
  • I am thankful for a great group of child care parents. Support in making the tough decisions has been amazingly felt this week.
  • I am thankful for the sunshine that has been the past 2 days since the snow piled up.
  • I am thankful to be over-coming my perfectionism side a little bit more every day.  I was raised (as I imagine most of us were) w/a 'if you can't do it right or completely, don't even try or start it'.  So I missed out on a lot of things for a lot of my life because I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough, or be able to complete the challenge, or would be a disappointment or disappointed in myself.  Thanks to I was taught its better to take a bite out of something (hit a lick at a snake, if you will) than to put it off out of perfectionism.  Is a floor not cleaner when just the center is done (vacuumed or swept or mopped) than putting it off until you can move everything out of the way to do it PERFECTLY? Is a window not cleaner when even one side is wiped than putting it off until the time/weather are there to PERFECTLY tear into it? Are we not fed when we try a new recipe with what we have on hand than to wait until we get to the store for the PERFECT ingredients? Are we not healthier when we drink 22oz of water instead of the PERFECT 64oz suggested, than none at all? 
  • I am thankful I was able to react calmly & maturely in a situation that a few years ago would have thrown me over the over-reaction-ledge for sure.
  • I am thankful to to have been able celebrate another birthday, for all of the friends & family who sent wishes & for these beautiful flowers Tim had delivered.

What are you thankful for today? 

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