Thursday, January 23, 2014

right here, right now, January

(this is a 'shopping trip' from the freezer-ham slice, italian sausage, ground pork, ground beef x2, apple pie filling, applesauce, ribeyes, & bacon ends)
planning for a couple of fun weekend crops in the near future.
going to swap the Christmas & Snowman decor out for Valentine's goodies tomorrow.
thankful to be healthy after last week's bug got me.
watching NCIS marathons every chance I get.
reading Lots of blogs & His Needs, Her Needs, slowly since life seems to have sped up.
celebrating some girl time this weekend.
loving that I am on a cooking & baking roll again. 
eating homemade food ROCKS. salisbury steaks, homemade meatballs, mississippi roast, spicy potato soup.
enjoying trying new recipes from Pinterest (& reviewing them here)
wearing layers upon layers for our current cold snap.
collecting breakfast recipes.
working on getting the current group of littles ready for an itty bitty to start at the end of April.
walking almost every morning. We found a way to get in earlier so we can get our 3 miles in every time.
trying to think about running soon since I am planning on the Red Flannel Run 2/8!
feeling happier w/a more together daily schedule.
wishing for warmer weather.
--working up a pin it & do it post for tomorrow!
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