Monday, January 13, 2014

pin it & do it #2

Super quick post today so no photos, my apology!!

Keeper of the Home's Homemade Cheeseburger Helper
I have actually had this printed & hanging on my fridge for a while & finally tried it over Christmas break.  The kids loved it! So much so that I made it again this week & have leftovers for a supper & another lunch (since I fed less & smaller tummies today) WIN!

Spice Girl's Bacon & Egg Breakfast Cups
these were an incredible mess for me. I used sausage instead of bacon, real shredded potatoes instead of frozen & GENEROUSLY sprayed mini muffin pans instead of sprayed, lined regular size.  They stuck & I ended up having to use the skinny end of a Tupperware orange peeler to scrape/pry them out & then they still had to soak & still needed hand washing after the dishwasher! UGH! NEVER EVER AGAIN. win some lose some :) FAIL!

From Facebook: Banana Oatmeal bars
I had no raisins so just sprinkled the top w/mini m&m's. the kids liked them okay but I Thought they were dry. Not one I will repeat.  FAIL!

I have a few more recipes on tap for this week & weekend, Hamburger Soup & a Spicy potato soup to name a couple.

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