Friday, November 15, 2013

four on friday

  1.  am back on the 'get healthy' bandwagon again. I know, I rollercoaster a lot but I am seeing good progress this time so I upping my water again, REALLY watching what I eat, planking & running/power walking 3 mornings/week.
  2. I am back to shopping the Iowa Food Coop again.  another thing I do in spurts. I am so in love with their yogurt right now. it is amazing AND made On a Farm in Iowa! hello!! awesome! I would be giddy to see some of our local farmer's market vendors branch out & start to sell their wares on there as well.
  3. Origami Owl-Have you seen it in real life? Amazing Stuff! I love that it can be changed up so many different ways. I currently have
     this one, it has a 'family' plate in it (to keep it from being see through), a puppy print & a kitty print, an angel wing for my brother, the 5 & 3 are our anniversary & I Have since added a silver 'puffy' looking heart that says Aunt, & the J on the outside is of course for our last name.  I have 2 different chains I wear it on, a long linky one & a short stationary ball chain. I am wanting to get a bracelet too... yea, they have bracelets too! I also have a gold watch gear & a silver "love" w/the letters all stacked up that I can swap in or out of it as a please. That swapping is probably my favorite point of it.
  4. Hitting the Park in November (In Iowa!) Fabulous Friday!! One determined to climb up the bumpy slide in a timely fashion, one determined not to be afraid of the train (thankfully there wasn't one the entire hour we were there), one running amok, one learning his boundaries as it was his first time with us.

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