Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Band of Brotherhood 5k report

Saturday was another race day.  I went to Creston to run the Band of  Brotherhood 5krun/walk & firefighter milk hike.   It was presented by the Creston Fire Department.  The fire chief is Tim's brother so he loved harassing me over the past year when I missed last year's event.  I was certain not to miss this year. 
The morning started out whipping windy but with a forecast of 50degrees I was hopeful for a great day.  Capris, a dry fit tank & tshirt, running sleeves and new supportive socks made up my uniform this time.  It made for a good one on this crazy fall day.
 this is a traditional prerace photo by Melissa.   the first mile 2 miles were through their city park historical complex- that I didn't know existed- beside their lake-where I have run another race, then jumped into their paved running/biking/walking trail to the hospital, through the gazebo & the last 1.16 was back through on the running/biking/walking trail into the park, up & down hills-into the wind.  My mapmyrun program clicked itself off at some crazy .1 point so I am going by Melissa's garmin for mileage. 
this photo is compliments of the Creston News Advertiser & was early in the race, as we went by the lake. (that's me in the dark green t & black sleeves)
My only goal for the race (other than finishing uninjured) was to beat Todd, Tim's brother-yeah, the fire chief.  He smoked me by 4 minutes the last time we raced together (my very first race-also on his turf), so I wasn't picky on time this race, just had to beat him.  I was able to pass him about the 1 mile mark I assume & even with some walking after the 2 mile turn around, I was able to keep steadily ahead of him.  After, he said he kept waiting for me to stop so he could pass & I told him I wasn't going to stop & that I couldn't walk long or I'd not be able to get started again. THEN I admitted that beating him was my only goal for the day & he laughed.  He wasn't even signed up for the race-had other plans for the day even, until he found out I was registered. 
Good Fall race, those hills would have been killer in a summer race. I will be signing up to run it again as its the department's fundraiser to pay their way in the Fight For Air Climb.  (old info but same event) So money well spent. 

My next one will be my first winter race.  The Red Flannel Run in February.
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