Wednesday, November 20, 2013

currently: November

appreciating a rejuvenated friendship in a running buddy.
eating salads every day for lunch, no matter how I feel.
watching a ton of shows on the DVR-watching life tv is almost painful now.
loving today's rainy day.
planning our Thanksgiving trip.

walking 3 mornings each week in the high school halls.
enjoying the growth of my group.
ordering Christmas gifts locally as possible-YAY!
wanting to join the littles for a nap today.
buying squash, hummus, indian corn, yogurt, carrots & leaf lettuce this week from the Iowa Food Coop.
playing darts on Tuesday evenings again.
drinking iced coffee in the mornings, water in the afternoons & hot tea in the evenings.

working on listening to my body to tell me when to rest to heal from this cold.
clearing my mind of regrets.
looking forward to our Thanksgiving weekend away.

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