Thursday, November 14, 2013

thankful thursday

this week I am thankful for lots:
  1. that we have made local fresh beef a priority & that my grandpa is in a position to continue raising such a product for us to buy.
  2. that I have more than one inspirational friend in the running field of my life. I need daily inspiration to keep moving, some days more than others.
  3. that we have the Iowa Food Cooperative at our fingertips.  Sometimes it isn't in the budget but when good real food is important, its easy to work it in. Right now, its definitely IN.
  4. that I have a great group of childcare moms right now.  Potty training 3 2 year old boys is CRAY-CRAY but understanding their need to control the situation, that not everyone will succeed at the same rate or every time helps.  These moms are being SO PATIENT about not insisting it be success overnight.
  5. that we finally have a trash company that picks up single stream recycling, & more categories than the last.  Glass, all plastic, paper, cardboard, & tin. no questions asked. AWESOME. our trash output has decreased by 50%!
  6. that we have a deep freeze that is usually more full than not.  The picture is 2 of my 5 on Tuesday that 'helped' defrost it in prep for the fresh meat coming on Saturday.  
What are you thankful for this week?
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