Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am so very thankful for my amazing partner, husband and friend I have in Tim. We have come so far as a couple as well as individuals in our journey through life together.  We were such different people 16 years ago.  I won't even 'go there' about what & who we were back then because it matters so very little in what & who we are today.  We have grown so much it warms my heart to see (& hear from others) what a great 'thing' we have in our relationship.  We are far from perfect. but what we have, is way greater than I ever imagined I would be worthy of.  Mostly its a peaceful, comfortable, happy existence. We share hobbies and we have our own. We respect the other's time away, we are learning to be supportive as

well. Earlier this year, we had a rough lesson in being supportive to the other person even when we chose to not be supportive of the event they participate in. Thankfully, we got through it. We each have our own preferred responsibilities, and expected ones from the other person. We also share some as well as, trade some off & on. 

We have learned when to give the other space when they are in a funk, and when to work to pull them out when the funk is outlasting its healthy stay.  He's so good about pushing me when I need it.  I was teetering on a very dangerous ledge a while back.  He let me do what I needed to do for a few months & finally, he said, "either get up & take care of yourself NOW or I am taking you to the doctor & you know what that will mean". The next day I mentally gave myself a good hard shake & being as anti-medicine for myself, I booted that cloud to the curb & focused on the sunshine. I took back on the list of catching up on what I had let slide for months, I was back to loving life, loving him for saving me from myself.  I tell people all the time about how he has now twice physically as well as emotionally pulled me from the darkness of myself.  He is so good to me about that. He sits back & lets me wallow until he can't stand to see me miserable any longer.  He doesn't expect me to be sunshine & roses all of the time. I am so very blessed to have him.

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