Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello October!

1. changing of the décor is similar to changing of the guard around here ;)  its happening much later
than usual for me as its been super great weather for us to spend so much more time outside than usual this time of year.

2. changing of the menu happens slowly  from grilling every night to more big batch cooking, eating leftovers and using the crock pot so much more.

3. switching from iced coffee to fresh brewed coffee or hot tea for breakfast, but not this year, not yet anyway.

4. changing out the wardrobe from summer shorts, tanks & skirts to fall & winter pants, sweats, hoodies & sweaters. another later than normal activity for this time of year.

5. thinking about what I will send for Christmas cards this year.  I have to start this early to make a decision & have them in the mail appropriately. I love to get photo cards so I think I will create a collage of us ...  This has gotten good reviews in the past.
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