Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday= good people

I had a Saturday loaded with good people!  I met my grandparents for breakfast & finally got selfies with them. Something I have been promising myself to do A LOT more recently. I am sure they don't 'get it' but they are always good to indulge me :)

 After spending the morning running Scrap Pink errands with Grandma as my side kick, we had a fun little lunch & then we were off to a birthday party.  Funny, I didn't get a pic of the birthday girl on the phone (& the camera photos are still on the camera card) but I did get another selfie with the birthday girl's little sister.

 & at some point she took over my phone.

 feeling a more than a little left out, I took her with me when I left to run the rest of my errands & we had a little style show in the Dollar General Halloween aisle ...

 What a GREAT Day! & photos to prove it.


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