Wednesday, October 30, 2013

right now-October edition

So grateful that grandma's stroke left so little damage.

planning a long weekend in a quiet, country cabin, just the 4 of us, very, very soon.

thrilled to have been blessed with a box full of gently used cast iron pans

celebrating to have been able to donate so much good stuff to my Scrap Pink family this year.

excited for the Fairgrounds 5k on Sunday afternoon. followed by a fair square & corn dog, yes please.

preparing for the addition of another 2 year old boy in 2 weeks to my already mostly boy group.

making so many yummy things from the ingredients already in hour freezers & pantry.

living in the present is so very soothing.

breathing in the cool, damp, clean air of fall today.

eating clean after a short break of mostly junk.

loving today. The power walk this morning in the fog+drizzle was very emotionally cleansing making way for a beautiful day.

sleeping earlier than normal these evenings.

seeing these flowers reminds me how good it feels to do good for others that appreciate it.
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