Thursday, September 19, 2013

WITL Tuesday & Wednesday

woke up & it dressed in my warmish running gear as it was forecasted to be in the mid to high 50s @ 4:30AM.  Walking out I realized it had rained some over night & the air was light again-a welcome relief from the oppressive humidity we've been facing all week. As we got a couple of blocks into our warm up walk, it started misting & half way through our first lap around the school, it started lightly raining, we ditched the 3 lap routine & continued to run right around the corner back to her house.  best pace we've kept so far. Thanks to the cool, light air & rain.  So the first 2 in the top are me & my drive post run-wow the adrenaline was crazy high, I can't explain how light & happy I felt during & after this run.  My first time running in the rain & I have to say, I loved it! Right below them is how I found the pups when I got home :) curled up on the couch. Back up on the top the next shot is another proud moment for me - fixing the dryer vent.  I accidentally punctured it with a chair leg last summer & decided to clean out as far as I could reach from both ends & cut this chunk -from the hole to the end- off, reattached it with painter's tape & the pliers are what I had to borrow from my scrap supplies to cut the wire in the vent hose.  Next, the boys watching it rain, & we pulled out the Busy Bugs game & everyone loved them. Then NAP TIME!   Bottom row, 2 girls chopped apples from my grandparent's tree (18 cups worth) to make homemade pie filling for the freezer after school.  The next is me getting them started -photo by 4 y/o. then the photos of the tomatoes I simmered down all afternoon for Tim to turn into Salsa- Tim in the kitchen whipping up said salsa & my Morning homemade ice coffee in a jar. YUMMM

BUSY DAY=LESS PHOTOS! Another 3 photo day. First up, my breakfast-whole grain bagel smothered in cream cheese, ice coffee & FLYLady-getting back into it baby step by baby step.  Then, Tim's salsa cooled on the counter YUM. And Finally, Sammy's daily prednisone for his allergies.  We spent a lot of time out side but I was torn b/c the back yard was still muddy & I have 2 that have to stay clean to go to afternoon preschool so we ran up & down the cul de sac in front of the house then the 2 year olds drove some cars in the mud in the front yard even though I tried to convince them the grass was a better place to drive. & I was busy keeping the new drop in 18 month old in our yard so no photos of the outside.

We have had some funky weather today, so I have taken a lot more photos today! hopefully I will get them posted in a more timely manner tomorrow ;)

I make my collages in Picassa on my computer after dropbox transfers them from my phone to my computer automatically. LOVE dropbox!
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