Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WITL Monday

another collage-a few more photos-very random, yet my day.
THE FACTS:top left- right: 1. naptime x4-Kora in rocking chair, 2 kids on cots, Sam on a cot 2.sorted laundry 3.starting my day online 4.selfie bottom l-r: 5. easy chill Monday morning w/cartoons, 6. ending the day online catching up on blogs & watching a Castle marathon, 7. the strings from a decorative pillow that came apart in the washer

THE DETAILS: 1. the dogs are SO GOOD about taking naps when the kids do. whether up or down here w/us, they are quiet & letting the kids sleep. 2. having the end of last wee + camping laundry made quite a bit but nothing more than normal for a post-camping Monday until I adjusted my thinking to accepting the dryer (I prefer to hang everything outside) then I ended up doing the sleeping bags & decorative bed pillows too. 3&4. I like to wake up slowly & let the kids do the same. they get to play quietly or watch some IPTV while I do some blog reading/writing, emailing, catching up on Facebook. 5. Some Mondays are busy active, others are lazy, chill. Today it was grey & chilly out-Fall has arrived! & most of us spent the weekend soaking up as much warm fall/cool summer as we could so we were all equally as satisified with a lazy chill start to our week. 6. I am so far behind on blog reading & last night being bill paying night -that I do online, I had the computer upstairs so I decided to read up on some posts while I was watching a Castle marathon getting ready for the new season to start next week--WILL SHE SAY YES????? 7. hehe. I couldn't resist this shot! I don't think I have washed these pillows a total of 5 times in the 5 years we've had them.  I remember when we got them I felt so fancy finally having a matching bedroom suite & bedding set as well. then I found out how useless these fancy pillows really are & they've been stuck down between the bed & our side tables until I can't stand the dust on them anymore (or a glass of water gets spilled on them) & they get washed. when they get washed, they shed.

Forgot how much fun this project can be.  tomorrow: me post-run in the rain :)
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