Monday, September 16, 2013

WITL Sunday

Well, the photography leaves much to be desired but I plan to document as much as possible in words for Sunday & make up for it... yes I really only took 3 photos all day LOL

I did go ahead & create a 5x7 collage w/those 3 photos so they are ready to order when I am ready to do these pages. 

they appear to be in reverse order of the day but anyway...
We were camping & woke really early to thunder but chose to try to wait it out only to wake @715 w/sprinkles on the tent so we were packing up in the scattered showers, nothing drenching-THANKFULLY but just enough to be obnoxious :)  the bottom right photo is my biscuits & gravy breakfast we stopped for next to the menu.  we were out the door in a hurry when it started to rain again as we had left the sunroof open for the pups to have some air while we ate our breakfasts.
the top right photo is the dogs sharing the back seat for the first time all summer.
We were home, unloaded, unpacked & showered by 11-a record for us.
then I was a complete bum the rest of the day :) Tim put chili in the crockpot as soon as we were unpacked. YUM it was the perfect day for it.  the left photo is my supper bowl.
Exhausted from the weekend we were lights out way early. 

Hoping to do better on the photo count today :)
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