Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life

Remember when I did this a couple of years ago?? I think everyone -scrapper or not- should tackle this as simply or as complicated as they please.  Because some day you or your kids will enjoy reading what your week was like, typical or not!

So I am doing this again this year. I was out of sorts this week so I didn't get it started like I wanted when Ali started her's so I am making myself ;) do it Starting Sunday.

Some questions Ali uses to prompt herself through the week are:
  • How do I work?
  • How do I play?
  • How do I nourish myself?
  • How do I give thanks?
  • How do I show my kids love?
  • What are my favorite things about my life right now?
  • What is the truth of my day (awesome, hard, exhausting, wonderful)?
& I am planning to use them as well.

I used a lot of excuses for not playing this week... my good camera is in the shop, everyone was out of sorts w/the funky un-seasonably warm weather, we had some crazy early out days due to heat, etc.  BUT Sunday, I am waking up & starting in! I plan to keep my self on task & accountable by posting each morning the previous day's photos & story. That will also aid in quickly putting the pages together later!

For now, have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!
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