Friday, September 20, 2013

WITL Thursday

By the time I get the new routine of editing/collaging photos & writing a blog first thing in the morning, the week in the life, it will be over ;)
but Anyway........ yesterday was a bit of a crazy one w/some dangerous fall storms blowing thru the state. Luckily our area suffered very little compared to some news reports I am seeing.  So it started with a full harvest moon to make the morning run incredibly eerie, but successful. the 2nd row first photo is of my dash is it normally looks, brake lights always on & fuel light almost always on. Its just how I roll.. LOL back up to the top, the first Christmas gift arrived in the mail! YAY! then I realized I hadn't documented any mail arrival all week so there is the rest of the mail, a Scrap Pink sponsorship check, some bills, junk mail, & the weekly local paper.  Then it started sprinkling, so Sammy is hiding under the picnic table. below that is a photo proof that my childcare food program sponsor stopped by for a visit between out playing in the rain & me prepping lunch(she comes 4x/year so it wasn't much of a surprise), she checks my numbers, my menus & asks the typical questions; "do you treat everyone the same?" "do you serve the required foods in the required amounts?" "do you do activities relating to food with children?" in & out in under 30 minutes-probably a record time for me to have a visitor as I tend to be a chatter box wen I have an adult visitor.  :)  then the ads from the local grocery stores that I use to make my shopping list- that is now in an app on my phone.  Color note is Fantastic!! I open a 'sticky note' & type in my list. I can rearrange it by the route through the store like I made my paper list (just like my mom did when we were kids) & as I go through the store, I can click each item & check them off the list! ta*da! I just wish I could find the easy way to clear it for the next week... maybe next week... & then the sun came back out. 3 fun shots of the rain from my shelter under the big spruce tree in the yard while the boys were playing & I was making my shopping list in the morning. a photo through the sliding glass door to the deck after the big wind had come through the area-it sounded & looked a lot scarier than it ended up being for us. Tickets for my mom & I to see Lonestar tonight at Lakeside.  Its their last outdoor concert for the year & it should be a nice evening for it.  Then the sun came back out again this is a photo of the bedroom window as I was perched on the bed typing up the previous post & watching Burlesque on the Family(?) channel. (that could be a whole other post in itself.) The final photo is of my computer screen of the map 4pm-545pm it really produced some doozies in some areas.  *whew* here's to hoping today is a bit less dramatic. 2 more days.
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