Sunday, September 22, 2013

WITL Friday & Saturday's

We stayed inside on Friday to avoid extra laundry, they were fine with it as it was a lot more relaxed atmosphere with out the concern of preschool schedules to prep for.  Top row: Kora in her normal naptime position in the rocking chair, Aydan in his current favorite spot-between the dogs, Zoey watching herself in my camera phone screen & Zoey cleaning out one of the book baskets. Two stacked on the left, a 3 'reading' to a 2- LOVE how big they become when they start preschool! the two stacked on the right, the tickets & my mom & I at the concert. What a great time!

I hadn't completely plugged my phone in Friday night, so it didn't charge & was dead-dead when I finally remembered why the alarm was going off on Saturday morning-coffee date! EEEEEEK jump out of bed @15 till the appointed time! race around gathering my supplies for my morning errands & out the door to be 15 minutes late. darn it! Amazing conversation & breakfast at Lakeside (yes the same place the concert was the night before) with one of my coffee girls, & I got to check out her absolutely adorable new-to-her car. So proud for her! then we parted ways & I stopped into the bank.  I meant to take a shot of my stack of checks(doing childcare produces several checks weekly) but the phone was still charging in the van so I didn't get any photos. from the bank, across to the farmer's market & stocked Tim up on cucumbers to make the pickles photographed above, peppers & onions to make relish, cantaloupe for the kids &honey for my baking. Caught up on life with one of my dearest friends. She is such a fun light in my life! One who truly finds joy in the same things I do. Everyone needs someone in their lives like that. Also talked to an interested party about getting a local drop off/pick up location for the Iowa Food Coop! YAHOOOOOO! After 2 hour visit in all, I headed out to drop off my Scrap Pink donation requests to a long strip of businesses in town-just a few left to drop off. Tried the new Mountain Dew freeze thingy while at KFC/Taco Bell, then went grocery shopping, dropping off the rent & deposit for the building for Scrap Pink then finally home.  *whew* 4.5 hours running around town but at least it was an amazing fall day to be doing it.  I swear to get farmer's market photos next week. this fall light is gorgeous & will make ideal market photos. back to my day, I napped for a bit after putting groceries away & another trip to the store for more pint jars for Tim's canning projects. Instead of trying out the new local restaurant, we were lazy & had McDonald's & just bummed around the rest of the evening in a funk.  I watched Cedar Cove-LOVE IT! sure hope they make it more than just a summer series! then ended the evening early with a dead phone, dead laptop (& too lazy to go get the power cord from the childcare). 

So, have I convinced you to try this project next year? or sooner? during Christmas Break would be a fun time. Maybe a week overlapping the last few days of school before break thru break, or the other end of break week.  I am curious about documenting a week in each season for 2014.  Winter-spring-summer-fall-winter, yes I know, there are 5 but that's how I feel the year goes around here in Iowa. hmmmm interested in joining me? let me know & I will hook you up some more links if you would like or tips on keeping it as simple as possible-like I did this time. Let Me Know.
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