Monday, September 23, 2013

Dam Splash Race 2013

Way back in August, we did the Dam Splash Run 2013. Running this race was an obvious YES for me as its held at the lake we camp at all summer long, its a great fundraiser for their local trail club & it was a beautiful route.  I almost didn't get to do it as I had worn flip flops when we packed up the truck & boat & totally forgot my shoes & bondiband.  So while I zipped thru the grocery store for last minute supplies, Tim buzzed home for my shoes & I decided I could just wear one of my lake hats.  Very little nervous chat about it other than planning our wake & leave times was heard around the campfire that first evening.  Tim & Shayne stayed up until 4AM, so I didn't sleep well until he came to bed then I was up sometime before sunrise, then right at sunrise then when I heard Lauren fire their truck up for the shower house, I got up (the phones were both dead/charging in the truck so no alarm for me).  I dressed then headed to the bathroom, together we went back to the campsite for some breakfast (powdered donuts & part of a Frappuccino) then as we were heading out, Nicki came out of their camper deciding to go to so we waited a couple of beats while she gathered her things & we rode 3wide in Tim's truck to the check in site (dedication site  @ Island View).
(just for reference we camp at Rolling Cove- click to enlarge)
  got our numbers pinned on, took a before pic, stretched some nervous energy & we were off  @ 830 sharp.  the race started @ the dedication site so the beginning was a lil windy, slightly hilly & slanted road leading out to the paved road that went across the dam. Once on the dam, it was flat & straight, which is how I had envisioned the whole race.  Nicki & I were just doing the 5k & Lauren did the 5 mile as part of her training for the half marathon, so she left us early to get her pace up & was very soon out of our line of sight.  Nicki & ran good solid for 10 minutes then walked a bit, ran a bit, walked a few minutes then ran a ways (I taught her some race terms I learned when I was racing & some 'games' to get yourself to keep moving), stopped for about a minute to drink water @ the turn around & enjoy the view over the dam. then we ran & 'played some games' on the way back, walked the windy part, then hit it hard in the closing stretch to leave it all on the course. 40.27! pretty awesome for no training & for her to never have run! we hit the 'concessions' then I needed supplies from the truck & it was back down the track but as I was gathering them Lauren went by so I missed getting her pic as she crossed the finish line (quite a bit ahead of her projected time YAY) but we gathered back@ the concessions for more goods, got our official times(Lauren did 5 miles in 54.xx & she was projecting over an hour) we did some stretching in the parking traded photo skilz w/some guys that also ran & called 'home' to check on the guys, they were just starting to stir :)
This was my second race in almost 2 years & it sure gave me the fever to run again, just like I had hoped. Since this race I have been doing some early morning running-term used loosely as we usually walk a few blocks, jog some laps around the high school & then walk the blocks back to our starting point but still, its MY running & its back! I feel amazing on the days I run, incredibly focused & full of energy. My productivity has definitely increased on those days. I am loving being active again. I love starting those days with girl time.  I love that I have friends that share the love.

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