Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Revisiting some old posts I have in drafts:
In late July I had scratched this out but never found the time to finish it.

I have a lot on my mind these days..
  • school getting ready to start
  • how many trolley/preschool/little schedules we will be tackling in a month
  • trying to keep my nose out of someone else's personal business when it really shouldn't effect me but makes my heart hurt- I know it will get easier but the first born in me tends to feel her opinion should matter more than it does ;)
  • planning to run a 5k on Saturday. w/o training
  • thinking about getting a tattoo- I have been in the thinking stage off & on for 20 years..
  • de-cluttering the childcare
  • back to scrapping for some hands on therapy
  • still reading Stephanie Plum series for some brain candy
  • can't stop thinking about what I might do when I am no longer in childcare. I guess its good that I am not procrastinating it. Keeping my options open-oh you should see my list of options :)
  • for a procrastinator, I sure am look ahead the future a lot lately... which is confusing to me.

    What are you thinking about lately?
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