Friday, September 27, 2013

Scrappiness-catch up

June was a very productive scrappy month for me.  it was not as equally as productive for the blog so here are some pages I did back then but haven't taken time to share.
 using all old supplies & some originally not so great photos, but they are fabulous on this page. Showing how not every photo has to be perfectly by the 'rules' to be scrap-able.
A fun page of the kids being kids.  
 Easily one of my favorites in this chapter of pages.
 Oh the story behind this one! boys & not being able to leave a fire well enough alone..
the right side to the one above. 
fun little pretty page. 
Kind of a dedication page. Surprised to find these photos of our ole friend in the stack! 
 Oh a pretty little 2 page spread of a pretty lil one in the group.
this one is be stepping out of my 'everything must serve a purpose on the page' box. Metal fork-what? not me,until now! a chunk of fiber in a 'messy' spiral-love it!  
 the other side to the one above.
 another one out of my box.
 using up old supplies loving the paper combos.
 Oh pretty girl! fun little embellishment clusters.
fun little 'cutesy' supplies that have sat aside for a while. 
There you go! a hit & miss collection of pages from a weekend at the lake in 2009 :)
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