Monday, September 30, 2013


still sorting thru old drafts, this one is from May...

a girl's gotta dream, as dreams become goals & goals become reality!

dreaming of:
  • a house in the country
  • a smaller house (I cannot believe I just typed that! but with out childcare in our home, we won't need all of this space to clean)
  • a vehicle with out car seats buckled in
  • a vehicle that doesn't have to seat 7 passengers
  • enough land for timber for deer hunting, peaceful photo walks, & mushroom hunting + pasture for a few farm animals
  • a shop for the 'toy' car and boat
  • garage space for our drivable vehicles
  • a job with benefits to come available around the time I am ready-the benefits aren't as important now in September as they were in May.
the dream has become more detailed as this year has passed:
  • a simple, rustic house in the country
  • the floor plan is almost constantly on my mind, what we need, what we want & how to mix the two in as little space as possible
  • being open to just about anything as long as the land is right
  • dreaming of going to work-out of the house, leaving work truly at work, loving a new job as much as I love the one I do now
  • dreaming of something less emotionally taxing, definitely time for a change
  • being able to breathe in country air- being able to just breathe, starting to feel stifled in town
  • dreaming of a slower pace
  • dreaming of growing more of our own food & maybe having enough extra to have a table at the local farmer's market
  • dreaming of having that table to justify spending Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons in a circle of tables holding wares of like minded folks-I really love the energy of the market
Don't get me wrong, I am perfectly happy where I am.  I love my job, my home, my life. I am perfectly content to be where we are right now-for now.  I am not angry, unsettled or depressed about where we are. We are being good about taking care of what we have & where we are right now. We are just looking forward and planning our future and having fun doing it.

What are some of your future dreams & plans? You have to dream.

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