Monday, June 24, 2013

mystery bite or sting + Kora = anaphylaxis

This past Saturday while hanging out on a beach at the lake, Kora got bit/stung & her face swelled up, when Tim got back from swimming across the cove to check the other side for accissiblity for the boats to beach up, I 'handed him the panic button' & I was the calm one, calling our vet for the number to the Centerville clinic since it was 1:30 but he didn't recommend rushing her in anywhere & working her up, said to admin straight up Benadryl (or any diphenhydramine-only product) & Sammy's prednisone, keep her calm & cool. So Tim & Hupp loaded in our boat & FLEW back to the boatramp, Tim ran up the hill to the truck, zoomed over to our campground (the courtesy dock at our campground boat ramp has been pulled out due to the high lake level) for the meds (luckily I hadn't unpacked the Benadryl from last year's allergy treatment for Sammy AND we had brought his whole bottle of prednisone instead of just his Sunday dose). by the time he got back she was recovering, but I still adminned them both. She crashed in minutes (when we got moved to the other-quieter- side of the cove) & Sammy snuggled w/her knowing she didn't feel good ....."awe", what a good big brother.... By the time we headed in to land @6:20 Kora was fine, had even already slept off the Benadryl!  By the time we were eating breakfast the next day she was running around like a crazy puppy again doing laps around Sammy & a nearby tree, almost laying her side she was going so fast & cutting the corners so close.

 Here~~~> is a pic of her from LAST Sunday , for comparison.  poor poor baby!
So, Benadryl goes w/us always!

Thankfully, that was it for the drama of our weekend!! :) How was yours??
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