Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I really want to get back on this routine of documenting what I have to be thankful for. It goes right along with my word for the year-Love.  I am consciously aware of being thankful, I just haven't been very good about documenting it-or anything else for that matter.  That is going to be a change I hope to work on.

This week I am especially thankful for:
  • family that comes together in times of joy as well as sorrow.
  • a husband that is so willing to cook, try new recipes and foods.
  • a great childcare group.
  • a home & all the amenities that allow us to live comfortably as well as permit me to work from home in my occupation of passion.
  • fantastic friends who share my varying passions, and accept me for me with out making me feel less adequate
  • good coffee.
  • ground moisture for our farmers, gardens & land to be able to produce this year.
  • the ability to 'shut off' some tasks that could really become overwhelming.
  • the ability to see the silverlining -most of the time.
  • the friend that taught me to look for the silverlining.
what are you thankful for today?
    Totally random collage of photos that have nothing to do with this post other than one of my hearts I am thankful for.
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