Tuesday, May 28, 2013

finding balance

I am such an all-or-nothing girl. When I do something I do it full-force. I heard 'if you can't do it right (& finish it the first time), why start it' when growing up. I have somewhat overcome that in that I am now able to start projects that seem overwhelming at first & baby-step my way through them instead of procrastinate them forever, other things I just procrastinate still ;)   Put simply, I struggle with finding balance in my life.

 When I start something, it has my full attention & energy until it is 'done'.  Scrapping, running, reading, facebook, pinterest, planning childcare activities, Relay for Life, Scrap Pink, gardening, etc.  When I start a book, I put off scrapping, when I started running, reading AND scrapping weren't just put in the backseat, they were practically boxed up & put in the trunk.  I missed them.  Now that I have quit running, I am scrapping & enjoying the creative process again. I think FLYLady's message is coming back to me as I am also recently able to take time to read a friend's original book, plan our summer activities, work in bursts on both Relay for Life & Scrap Pink as well as keep up on the housework & laundry.

I would like to get back to running, its only 30-60 minutes every other day or select days of the week, I wouldn't need to go full-force & run daily like I did last time.  If I just run m/w/f that would leave plenty of time to BALANCE some other things in there too.  I think I might be catching on to this. Now if I would just jump into starting some craft projects that I have 'collected' the parts for, Tim would be happier too ;)   (the drift wood wreath/sunburst for one since I have been 'collecting' driftwood & packing back from the lake for an official year now-oops)

 how do you find a comfortable balance in your life? please share!
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