Tuesday, May 7, 2013

bloglovin' vs google reader

Yesterday I mentioned bloglovin', more on that now.

I used to be a google reader girl-I loved being able to access all of my blogs in one screen, read what I want, & mark the ones that didn't pertain to me that day as read.  I also loved back when I had the 'next' button- I could click on one blog, it would take me to that blogger's page, I could read, comment & hit the 'next' button at the top of the page & it took me to the next newest entry in my reader list-FANTASTIC!! I could visit the actual blogs without a whole lot of jumping around on my part, the 'next' button did it all for me-THANK YOU! then I updated something & lost the option :( 

Last month google reader announce it was going bye-bye so I was in a 2 day frenzy to find something to replace it before I lost everything.  Thanks to some on-the-ball bloggers I was able to read about a couple of options with all of THEIR options & pick one from a pretty informed bunch.  Enter Bloglovin'.  It has a 'NEXT' BUTTON!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee sooooooooo excited! AND there was an option to transfer all of my google reader-followed blogs to bloglovin' with one simple click of the mouse-exactly my kinda switch over!

So now I open bloglovin', sign in & click the top(newest) blog.  It opens in another window so I slide it into the same window I have open-the multi-tasker in me has to see everything I have happening at the same time ;) Then after I read it & comment, I click newer or older at the top & walla, it switches me to the next blog on my list with a new post! I also love that I can read in the order they are written in that it has an 'oldest' button & I can work from oldest to newest posts when I get really behind in reading!  (it really is the little things right now & I am loving that!)

OH & it has an android app! so of course I have it on my phone.  Now that I don't have facebook to check regularly, I can access my blogs when I have more than a couple of seconds of downtime. I do admit, I don't flip on & off of it as I did with Facebook so my internet usage as really gone down in the past 36+ hours :)

now I will close with a totally unrelated photo since I forgot to post one yesterday.  This is our indoor/outdoor cat on top of our garage keeping watch over the whole neighborhood. 

how do you read blogs? If you are interested, you can click 'follow this blog w/bloglovin' to the right ~~~~~> over there & it will be added to your blog roll if you are registered, or it set up your own account if you are not. 
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