Monday, February 4, 2013

weekend recap

(mostly for my journaling sake)

this year's birthday weekend had high hopes but got off to a rough start.  Mom, Aunt Sue & I were planning to attend a scrap retreat in the big city Saturday-Sunday but it got cancelled due to an emergency surgery so we thought we'd still go on Saturday morning & do some shopping, but then thanks to a winter storm mid-week & reports of horrible street conditions combined w/a furnase break down we skipped that too.   It all worked out in the end as I ended Friday evening w/a migraine so painful I was seeing disco balls when I closed my eyes & then spent Saturday recovering from it+all the meds I had taken trying to fight it.  But thankfully Sunday worked out much better!!  I had an 11 o'clock date w/mom at her house for some snacks & scrapping :) I was fired up! got there & found that Jeff had come to town to help Grandpa clean snowy walks in town & so the rest of the family had tagged along! YAY!!!!!!!! I got to spend time w/Bethany & the kids as well as Mom while the guys were out working.  then Grandma brought down some mac n cheese for lunch YUMMMMMM  so finally, @1:30 we pulled out the tables & our scrapping supplies & got to work :)  having to close up shop @5 I was only able to accomplish 2 pages but it was a great day overall!! :)

I came home to homemade lasagna in the oven & a cake w/PURPLE frosting on the counter! YAY!! HE'S SO GOOD!! the lasagna was especially awesome knowing it had food coop herbed lasagna noodles, venison/pork mix meat & home canned tomatoes in it!  Belly full, I headed off to my scrap room to unpack & ended up working on another page! I am about done w/the boating weekend for August 2009! sheesh I take alot of photos in a weekend ;) 
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