Friday, October 19, 2012

5 on Friday

right now 5 things I am super happy about:
  1. I am proudly starting to FLY again! Its taken some serious baby stepping but I am getting the house back under control. 
  2. I took 5 littles to the Post Office, Grocery Store & rewarded them w/a trip to the park this morning in the grey, drizzly, gloomy morning we had.  They were ROCK STARS!! We got so many compliments & learned some lessons. 
  3. I am looking forward to scrapping with a few friends tomorrow.  Total stress free ME time. can.not.wait.
  4. I am proud to be on the ground floor of starting up a local Relay for Life! our first meeting was Wednesday evening & I left w/my head with all the information! But then woke Refreshed & exited on Thursday & have hit the ground running again!
  5. Tim got his first deer for the season today! a full week of hunting to finally bring one home is pretty exilerating! He is on his way to the locker with the meat to have it ground into patties. YUMMMMM more fresh meat for our freezer! (we picked up our annual 440# of beef earlier this week)
what are you thankful for right now?
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