Friday, October 12, 2012

5 on Friday

5 thoughts I am having today after joining a 5AM Zumba class...

  1. I have NO IDEA how I ever was allowed to stay in the percussion section of the high school band! (must have been pity!) I have NO rhythm!
  2. I didn't forget near as much as I dreaded from the 3 classes I attended 2 years ago.  I love that Zumba is made up of A LOT of repeating actions. does this mind good!
  3. I can be a morning person w/the right encouragement-zumba class is one.  Nursed that burst of energy that comes from a good work out just as long as I could. dishes, laundry, 3 littles to the grocery store...
  4. I am out.of.shape. I was not as 'flexible' as I remember, I was almost instantly feeling the dormant muscles, & am loving the little reminders yet this afternoon that I worked my body this morning!
  5. Zumba can be done to a wide range of music!  Country GirlBig & Chunky are 2 of the songs we danced to this morning.
Short & Sweet.. hopefully getting back on this blog habit as I struggle to get other areas of my life healthy as well.
Have a wonderful weekend!!
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