Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend recap:

Friday night was boring - groceries. 
Saturday was the opening day for the closest big farmer's market & I was in HEAVEN!!! I love the little stands w/different goodies, so much to do, see, smell & buy. *sigh*    I ablsolutely live for farmer's markets in the summer time!  Saturday I bought asparagus, sweet onions, spring garlic, radishes, spinach salad mix & a rawhide bone for Sam.  I did buy & choke down an aweful coffee (its the 2nd stand & 2nd bad one I've had so I think I learned my lesson!)  & spent just over $20! I'd say that's really good for all those fresh goodies!!

 While in the 'city' we did some shopping... new shirt for each of us for photos this coming weekend, lunch out at Red Robin w/free drinks *score*, Scheels, Boat shop & Hobby Lobby then HOME. exhausted!   Here is a pic of my free drink, Speckled Lemonade.. YUMMMMMY!!

Sunday we were woken up even earlier than last Sunday but a different neighbor mowing but once I got up & stepped out I could understand why, these storm clouds were rolling in & their ours too yard needed cut before it hit.  Tim did get our front yard done in time but the back is still in sad shape.  You know its a bit tall when Sammy loses a tennis ball in it ;) 
So the rest of the day was housework, DVR clearing, & scrapping! We've gotten a nice routine down that I make a dip or 2 & we snack the day while he smokes a meat on the grill & I make the side.  it always makes leftovers that I turn into something else for Monday night's supper.

Do you have weekend routines?
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